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Born - 11 September 2014

You wouldn’t want your doctor to operate on you using the knowledge, practice and instruments available in 1901 why would you tolerate living in a society governed by a set of principals based on the knowledge, practice and insight available to mankind that same year?

Our Constitution was drafted by men, only; Living in a country which had a very elitist social class system based on birthright; governed by a monarchy with the help of a Parliament that comprised a section made up only of people of the birthright class.

The word 'justice' does not appear in the Constitution.

There is no consideration of individual rights of people within that society and women had no say in the management of the Country; were the chattels of their husband to whom they must obey and any children that were born to these women were the sole property of the husband.

How suitable would a product of that environment be, in underping the healthy functioning of a community living in an advanced science-based society in the year 2017

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