Council of Democracy

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Humans by design are competitive and driven by self-interest. Democracy is a system which provides for the collective expression of will of the society to guide human experience in the living environment and effect day to day outcomes for thier lives.

Sexual reproduction in a species provides for a wide range of abilities.

The democratic system will seeks, for the benefit of the collective unit, to not only draw its authority from the collective expression of will, but to recognize and encourage utilization of the ability of the individual, to enhance collective outcomes for society.

The Council of Democracy shall be responsible, within the territory, for the:

utilisation of wisdom existing within society; and

• administration of the process of democracy; and

• monitoring of the performance of politicians; and

auditing and reporting on the system,

in accordance with the Principles of Democracy

The Principles of Democracy are:

• citizens must be a reasonable but responsible component of decision making in government;

• all citizens have a right to record a vote, and cannot be prevented, otherwise than in accordance with the Constitution;

• a citizens delegated decision making authority, delivered by election, to a member of parliament (member), cannot be exercised or dismissed by the member otherwise than in accordance with the Principles of Social Contract;

• an elected member of parliament cannot remain a member of the assembly if that member breaches any of the Principles of Social Contract;

The the Principle of Social Contract are:

• a person seeking a position in parliament cannot offer inducements, to any person, interest group or electorate :
     o of a specific material type; and or
     o to deliver a particular outcome
if elected, to encourage a citizen to vote for them, if at the time of the offer, that person ought to have know that the provision such inducement would not be within thier single power, simply by thier success in achieving membership of Parliament.

• A citizen may not make a contribution to a political campaign so as to enhance the prospects of a particular person's chances of being elected.


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