Change the OZ Constitution

Uploaded - 11 September 2014

Managing a nation that lives in a world where humans have walked on the moon and can clone themselves, using a set of rules, drafted by humans that knew nothing about powered flight, black holes or DNA, is just plain dumb.

Australia is about to consider whether or not to changes the current Constitution to include a reference to the humans that were living here before the mass migrations of the Europeans began in 1788.

A Constitution is one of the most important documents affecting the day to day lives of citizens of a nation. This is not the only anomaly that exists within the current Australian Constitution and certainly not the most pressing.

The Constitution already recognises a number of historic facts but not all. I am not too sure how imperative it is to remedy the absence of just one. What is needed here is a total overhaul of the document to reflect the aspirations of an evolved society.

A dynamic national constitution should be a living document and should be a refection of the collective wisdom of the people of each generation of, not just the nation, but this planet.

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