National Council

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National Council is the board of directors of Australia.

National Council is responsible for overall management and wellbeing of the Territorial Area.

National Counci provides all the Principals by which all functions of governing are managed, including:
      • Legislative
      • Charter of Rights
      • Neutralization of Commercial Advantage
      • Resource Liquidation

National Council has overseeing power over
      • Council of Science;
      • Council of Law;
      • Council of Democracy; and
      • All agencies created by the government legislation

The United Nations Australian Transitional Directorate (UNATD) appoints Members to the first National Council

UNATD shall appoint:
      • 3 members for a term of 5 years;
      • 3 members for a term of 6 years; and
      • 3 members for a term of 7 years

National Council therefrom appointment it replacement members.

Conditions of Appointment
No person shall hold office as a member of National Council who at the time of appointment:
• is not an Australian Citizen;
• has a chronological age less than 55years;
• does NOT meets the qualification criteria

Each member appointed by National Council shall serve a fixed term of 5 years.

A member of National Council shall be paid an annual salary of 20 times the Australian average employment salary.

A member of national Council must be contactable 24 hours a day and for every day of the year.

Conduct of the National Council

National Council:
• shall appoint sufficient staff to effectively administer their function

• shall have an annual budget determined by the Senate on advice from the Council of Science so as to effectively fund the performance of National Council's responsibilities.

Accountability and Transparency
The conduct of National Council is business of government under the Constitution

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