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In 2019 there was 169,301 deaths recorded in Australia for that year.

Every one of those deaths was assigned to one of 1686 ABS categories.

However of these 1686 categories, 748 recorded zero deaths, leaving 938 categories in which at least one death was recorded. [See Below]

Of the 938 categories in which a death was recorded 895 (94%) of those categories recorded less than a 1000 deaths leaving only 43 categories in which more than 1000 per year for 25,000,000 people occurred.

At the time of publishing this website, the covid virus death toll (918) would sit in this group of category, having (as at 25 July 2021) just

  • '30 less death than Exposure to unspecified factor (X59); and
  • 14 more deaths thanAlcoholic liver disease (K70)' and


  • not quite half the number of deaths from Parkinson's disease (G20) (2,019) and
  • less than one quarter of the number who died of Alzheimer's disease (G30).(4,578)

I do not know for sure, how much money has been spent by government in attempting to prevent deaths in Australian by the Covid virus but I am confident that the total amount including the medical costs and the support for the economy in reducing deaths by transmission (lockdown) will be well above $300 billion ($326,000,000 per death)

ABS does not provide data in relation to the amount of money spent in treating the circumstances associated with any of the 938 disease categories that relate to the causes of death. But I will bet you any amount of money you like to wager, that it comes nowhere near $300+ billion dollars

So I have to ask the question, 'what is so special about death from the Covid virus' that makes it such an outstanding nominee for the most apparently undesirable cause of death that warrants the allocation of that much of Australians resources in its management?

I know the answer to that question but I'd much rather you work it out for yourself

Warren Bolton

26 July 2021