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Life Span

This Table set out the LIFE SPAN of all the persons that died in 2019 to give the AVERAGE for the 169,301 Australians that died that year. 2019 was the last pre-pandemic year.

I have never been able to find out exactly how the average LIFE EXPECTANCY is actually calculated. It is reported to be based on 'death statistices' but that data 'age at death and numbers' would not easily be manipulated before the wide use of computer system in te 21 Century.

I would think finding the life expectancy figures in Australia in 1850 would be a total nightmare.

I do know 'life expectancy' it isonly a prediction into the future, used the benefit/interest of all persons alive in Australia at the time cited and is used to demonstrate the quality of our living environment - but in 2019 the reality is the average life expectancy for all those that died that year was 77.0 years

ABS say this

Since the late 1800s, life expectancy for Australian boys and girls has increased by over 30 years. During 1881-1890, the average life expectancy of a newborn boy was 47.2 years and that of a newborn girl 50.8 years. By 2007-2009, average life expectancy had risen to 79.3 years for newborn boys and 83.9 years for newborn girls.

ABS data claims anaverage 'life expectancy' value for Australians that year at 83 years.

Also Canstar cite's a unreferenced worldwide study by the World Health Organisation which reported that across the globe,while more people are living longer, they were also living longer - in poorer health.