How good are web search engines at delivering desired outcome?

Search Engines claim 25 of the top 100 global most trafficated site althought 80% of those search engines are Google's

Well would you like to help answer that question?

Google is still the undisputed emperor but how good is Google?



Saturday, 19 July 2014

If you a web site owner and have you noticed 'Keywords Unavailable' in your Stats reports?

Unfortunately, this is due to a decision by Google to withhold this keyword information.

Since 2011 Google has been steadily expanding its policy of withholding keyword data for organic search. This means that website owners and professionals have limited access to the keywords used to find their sites.

No one can't undo what Google has done.

Does this action further restrain quality outcomes from search criteria in your browser window.



Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Australian CSIRO has teamed up with the Queensland University of Technology and the Vienna University of Technology, Austria to improve search engine processes... read more.


Give DuckDuckGo a try. I did and I found it very good


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