Truth '..... that which corresponds to, or with, a 'fact'. [Ref]


Telling "... the imparting, conveying or exchange of information (data) between humans by an oral, printed or visual process".
Origin: of the word

c 1560s; from the Old English (West Saxon), and (Mercian) . "faith, faithfulness, fidelity, veracity, quality of being true; "


Origin: of the word

c 1000-Old English : past-participle adjective from of the verb "tell
- to narrate; announce; relate..




Social media magnifies bias, advances prejudice and promotes naïveté.

Given that now, the vast majority of society is involved in social media and for that majority, participation in this medium provides the major input of information into their daily lives, it comes as no mystery that ‘ignorance’ is now a growth industry within our society.

Given that information on social media is exclusively provided from a source of self-interest, by individuals who, in the majority, produce material that is unresearched, lacking in critical analysis and unethically presented, the only outcome can be, a naïve and polarised community.

Corporate commercial media is obliged, in order to continue its financial viability, to embrace and promote the current values adopted by its audience.

Government media, thanks to the transition of politics over the last 60 years from a system in which individuals sought to influence society by being part of the government system to now being a system where individuals, seek the power of celebrity, as the portal to legislative control, is now likewise required to embrace the current values of society, irrespective of how destructive the long-term consequences of promoting those values may be.

The community of 2022 looks through a kaleidoscope of these new mediums, at the realities of human evolution in the 18th century to makes a judgement upon that history, based on a current philosophy and not the reality in existence at that time.

Many a young man forfeited his life early, based upon a decision at that time which was reasonably defensible as being both courageous and exceedingly generous - worthy of the highest regard.

Yet several generations on, judged to have been an exceedingly foolish and naïve individual deserving of, in our moral world, our rejection and pity.

First Nation

Given these realities, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the general understanding of our current society about the history of colonisation of this continent by the Europeans has been so manipulated by these forces that this understanding is now of a mythology.


James CookInternational law in 1770 provided that a country may acquire interest in land outside their existing sovereign borders by undertaking a protocol prescribed by that law.

Justice Brennan of the High Court of Australia in the 1992 judgement on Mabo provided the details of what, in 1770 the International law prescribed.

The Colonisation of the eastern half the great southern continent by the Sovereign of Great Britain and Ireland was executed in accordance with that law.

Further, the application of that law, in the Colonisation process, was executed in accordance with the moral values of a society operating under a Christian religion theology.

A current community message (26 January 2022) published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation told me, via the medium of television and what appears as an indigenous woman, that this Colonisation act was in fact "wrong".

This advertisement was also published on some commercial information networks.

And given that:

  1. It was not ‘wrong’ under international law; and that
  2. It was not ‘wrong’ under the moral values of the society that perpetrated the action,

one has to assume that this woman was alluding to:-

  1. It being ‘wrong’ maybe under her current moral values; or
  2. Perhaps even those of our current society and
    • which she wishes to apply to participants in a past historic setting.

And given that:

  • This was a view promoted by the ABC and these commercial networks, this must be the position supported by these media entities, in our society.

And if this is so:

  1. What was the objective of this advertisement?

    • Was it seeking to promote more widely, a general belief within our society that just like the young man who, in the past, sacrificed his life in doing what his era believed was in the best interests of others, that now he should be dispariaged for that decision, made within the circumstances prevailing at that time?

For this is unmistakably the message projected by this image.


As I write this article news reports tell me that Russia is invading Ukraine.

This follows on from their invasion of Georgia in 2008.

In the 21st century, three centuries removed from the invasion (Colinization) of the great southern continent by the United Kingdoms of Great Britton and Ireland, nations are still invading other countries.

This is the record of just Russia since the beginning of World War 2

Poland 1939; Finland 1939; Estonia 1940; Latvia 1940; Lithuania 1940; Romania 1940; Iran 1942; Ukraine and Belarus 1944; Bulgaria 1944; Hungary 1944; Yugoslavia 1944; Albania 1944; Poland 1944; The Baltic States 1944; Germany 1944; Tuva 1944; Japan 1945; China 1945; Korea 1950; East Germany 1953; Hungary 1956; Czechoslovakia 1968; Angola 1975; Afghanistan 1979; Georgia 1989; Baltic States 1990; Georgia 1991; Azerbaijan 1991; Moldova 1992; Tajikistan 1992; Northern Caucasus 1992; Georgia 2008; Ukraine 2014; Syria 2015;

These are the Global Invasions that have occurred since 1788. This behaviour is embedded within the genes of humans and expressed in all cultures.

World Soverign Invasions - Since 1788


I personally have no objections if a group of people want to celebrate the day (Australia Day) when the Europeans arrived to expand the colonisation of this continent.

I don't think it's a helpful strategy - if your objective is to build a nation comprising of individuals that can live together in a friendly and cooperative manner.

However it is an historic fact and if Russia is successfull in it invasion of Ukraine there will no doubt, in due course, be a "Liberation Day" in that country to celebrate the outcome.

In the 1960s a good number of Australian young men were sent to fight and indeed kill Vietnamese people. I thought it was very refreshing to see a recent documentary where in a space of just 50 years soldiers from both armies had matured enough to be able to recognise the circumstances that existed in that environment and at that time - and still be able to arrive at a position where they were now comfortable to share memories of those events in the absence of bitterness and hostile emotions.

However if you are hellbent on raking over the coals of past conflicts, my only objection to promoting a special day to celebrate such an event would be to the use of the term 'invasion'.

Not that the final outcome of the 'colonisation' was much different than that which would have occurred as an 'invasion', just that it was a much less traumatic event, than what is an "invasion".s (just look at your TV) and the use of that term is incorrect as provided for within the then 1788 international law.

And yes! I can hear the shouts about "less traumatic"- But it was!

It could have been what the Spanish did in South America in the 16th Century to the Inca.

Ukraine is an "invasion". What Phillip did was a "Colinization".

In order for Britain to use the facility of acquiring territory by an 'invasion' there would have needed to be a single sovereign power in control of the territory they intended to acquire.

In the case of the southern continent there was no social structure of such a magnitude that it could comprise a functioning administrative nation (like the Inca) upon whom could be served the obligatory 'declaration of war'.

No person living in Australia currently would have any ancestor who had NOT, at some point in the history of human habitation of this planet, been involved with the stress and anxiety which is the consequence of territorial acquisitions by an external party humans.

I too have a number of ancestors who at one time or another lived in a country that were subjected to military invasions by foreign powers.

Warren Bolton

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