Lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind;

dull, characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; - esp. due to lack of meaning or sense;

inane; pointless; annoying or irritating;

troublesome: - in a state of stupor



People of the species evolved from the hominid groups: - Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans

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Origin: of the word
1535–45; from the Latin stupidus  = stup(ēre)  to be numb or stunned.


Origin: of the word
1350–1400; earlier humain(e), humayn(e),  ME < MF humain  < L hūmānus,  akin to homō  human being ( cf. Homo); sp. human  predominant from early 18th cent.

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*Initially Published as in 2011-abandoned in 2020

Plenty of Time Yet! There can be no, no doubt, - let me say that again, - there can be no, no doubt that despite the stunning genius of individuals, the human species is just plain stupid.

We are no doubt, the champions of the stupidest species to ever evolve on planet Earth.

We stand on the cusp of taking the title away from the Obligate anaerobe who, like us, were masters of the planet until they decimated their own kind as a consequence of their own pollution.

What makes our claim of being the stupidest species to have ever evolved, superior, is that while we no doubt have brought about our own catastrophe, unlike the Obligate anaerobe we have done so by our collective mental dullness.


At least the Obligate anaerobe could be forgiven for their stupidity because their intellectual capacity was about one hundredth of the diameter of a hair follicle compared to our's of a meat loaf and they also were not largely delusional that some external universal force had given them imprimatur to act with recklessness and gay abandonment, with the inane conviction, that for this, they would be rewarded with an eternal existence.

We pride ourselves on being the most intelligent of all of the species to have occupied this planet and yet the way our species has behaved collectively in the last 10,000 years shows absolutely not one molecule of applied intelligence.

We have modified the planet to such an extent that the first global catastrophe as a consequence of the behavior of a neurological advanced species, belongs to us.

Nothing about the behavior of humans in the last 10,000 years supports any concept of any attention to sustainability, yet peruse any current human crafted management plans and the word "sustainability" abound.

Nothing about our greed behavior demonstrates any capacity to maintain an environment that has a reasonable prospect to sustain our species for a modest amount of time, in an evolutionary context, into the future.

And perhaps the most striking characteristic of our behavior that demonstrate our absolute stupidity is to create a mythology about a covenant with a universal and omnipotent force, commit that covenant to record, disseminate the record by every medium possible, both geographically and chronologically, breed and indoctrinate billions of our species with this mythology and then exhibit behavior the exact antipathies of this promoted covenant.

Now let me give you a tip on how to make a lot of money.

Scratch up every piece of spare collateral you can lay your hand on (Dinars, Dollars, Euro, Kronas, Leks, Pesos, Pounds, Renminbis, Ringgits, Rubles, Rupees, Wons, Yens, etc) and plonk it on a bet that humans will fail to avert the oncoming global disaster that is climate - change.

You should have no trouble in laying your bet because there are still oodles of climate change deniers and avoiders left in the world and hopefully, rich ones. 

She'll Be Right!!! I am sure that some of these deniers/avoiders must certainly be gamblers and happy to back up their opinions with money.

So just locate the most denieristic avoider of these you can find and you should be able to acquire a good gambling ratio.

Somewhere I would think in the vicinity of about 1,000,000 to 1 that human induced climate change will wipe out the human race, would be the appropriate odds that a genuine sceptical/avoider should be prepared to offer.

Try Greg Hunt MHR you know, the former Australian Minister for the Environment that approved the NEW massive Adani Coal mine in Queensland without giving consideration to the "Precautionary Principal" - I am sure he will set your bet.


So simply plonk on your spare cash, sit back, put up your feet and wait to collect.


Ironically though, the prospects of making a financial killing are next to nil, because not only alas, is there an extremely high probability that your sceptical sceptic may not be around to pay out, but most likely you will not be around to collect.

Not however, I hasten to add, because either of you will demise as a consequence of the ageing process while you wait for a result (unless of course you are over 50 years old) but because you both will probably be part of the extinction events that will occur taking out perhaps 10 of thousands Eukaryote based life form including us.

While we are on the subject of demise, will the extinction rate be as a consequence of environmental events such as:

  • severe storms- wind and snow?
  • severe flooding?
  • catastrophic wild fires?
  • prolonged drought?
  • starvation?

No, not at all, this level of extinction will occur at the hands of humans.

Titanic How many of the 1513 passengers that died when the Titanic Ocean liner sank in 1912, died from impact trauma in diving overboard, structural disintegration of the vessel and other like events and how many died by being drowned by their ship mates scrambling to find floxam in the water, or abandoned and succumb to hypothermia as those in life boats sat at a comfortable distance from the catastrophe and let their fellow humans die.

More poignantly perhaps, did the true cause of death, really came from a lack of appreciation of risk of the vessel sinking - by the ship's owners and those who boarded her.

In any case it doesn't matter, either way humans were the underlying cause of the catastrophe.

Make no mistake humans have an unrivalled track record at being Whats Left? ruthless to not just the other 30 odd million species that we share this planet with and the other Homo species which we annihilated on our journey to prominence, but even to our own kind. i.e. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, the Tutsi's in Rwanda and now Syria are a minuscule but modern example of the human's potential to regulate its own kind.

Hey! Wait a minute! I hear you scream, what about all those intelligent people that tell us we are going to save ourselves, that we, or the majority at least, will be forced to recognise the threat to us and that humanity will, even if it be a bit shabby and a tad to late, act in sort of unison to avert this pending cataclysmic environmental disaster.

I like the analogy of the Titanic, you see it was designed to go very fast, for an ocean liner, and as we know everything is a compromise, so that design sacrificed the ability to turn very quickly in favour of speed - after all it's a big ocean. It was said, of the disaster, that was the Titanic, that it could have averted hitting the iceberg, when sighted by the lookout, if only it hadn't have been going so fast and had better capacity to turn quicker.

If you've taken the time to study human history you will see that the colonization of Earth by humans has been occurring with incredible speed so far not identified within the history of any other studied species except the colonization of Australia by the Hawaiin cane toad.

If you've studied evolution, you will see that one thing evolution did not build into us, is the capacity to change DNA based behavior (greed and self interest) in a miniscule time period (50 years)

Some people cite examples of history such as the industrial effort of the United States of America in the second world war, as confidence that humans can, when suitably challenged, overcome these serious obsticles.

Compared to the performance that humans will be required to deliver this century, citing this USA example is like citing the ability of a bird to change it's choice of nest building materials, in response to a need to change the way it breeds.

With carbon dioxide levels already reaching the highest they have been in the last few million years with the potential to eventually reach the levels that they were hundreds of millions of years ago this is not going to be a simple or miniscule impact that we will be facing or anything like experiences so far faced by humans in our evolutionary history.

It's like someone being confident of crossing the Atlantic ocean in a canoe, because in the past they have successfully navigated the Amazon River.

74% of Americans (and possibly thereby all humans) have an IQ less than 110, are these people going to empower a system to resolve this problem?

110 is fine when you live in a world where all you need do is wander around gathering up your food which is grown for you by an environment pretty much in balance in eco-diversity, throwing rocks at your enemies and shelter in a cave.

110 is woefully inadequate if you're living in an environment where you have the keys to the medicine chest, access to tools that make you a thousand times more powerful than your own muscular strength and have a decision-making part in the process of navigating a complicated system in uncharted waters.

There is a reason why people with an IQ of 110 or less can never successfully be medical practitioners. The cognitive potential is inadequate to comprehend the complexity of the biological system and to strategise mechanisms that at least in some cases have meaningful outcomes.

All the solutions that have been proffered by a number of outstanding individuals acting in unison, that have, albeit a miniscule prospect of success, had one thing in common, in that they requires wisdom, born of intellect, for their adoption and implementation.

Not convinced yet?

Epidemic cancer is a modern phenomenon, its rapid growth, as a source of morbidity and mortality, is the consequence of rapid and mostly chemical but some radiation and pathological, changes to our environment's constituents.

Our species evolved with the ability to recognise an imminent threat (as they were the major ones around) that existed in our evolving environment (sabre toothed tigers, exploding volcanoes, poisoned food, waring neighbours and now pandemics (Covid) etc) not a latent threat like molecular time bombs that delivers 'effects' many year away from their 'cause'.

It is this conditions that also make it impossible for your standard ordinary humans to percieve a latency events like climate change as a threat to which the immediate application of an avoidance strategy is as paramount as it is to an imment one.

Consequently we are scared into hysteria by events like the Ebola virus or pedophiles attacking our children or being blown up by a terrorist and now Covid 19 but placidly and calmly accept ours and our children's mass slaughter as a consequence of cancer, our sedentary lifestyle or mass destruction by polution of the planet's environment.

Even if all the challenges that our DNA present, to our ability to deal with this oncoming catastrophe was not enough of a hurdle, with 84% of humans alive on the planet today, believing in the existence of a variety of Gods that communicate with them either directly or thought the recording of humans that have lived a short while ago and which offer them existence beyond their death, there is no chance that this majority will be able to accommodate or partake unilaterally in any wise solution, any time soon.

If you need any further convincing that there are no prospects for our future, consider 'Beats".

Not the term we have for 'victory' over another or the term we use to describe the phenomena of the rhythm of music, I'm talking about the head phone company in America that is just about to be consumed (now has) by the entertainment giant - Apple.

By all accounts it is a company that started off making flashy diva like headphones to be used by self absorbed people who epitomizes those who's life fulfilment is to experience, in every circumstance, a self centered optimum.

Apple proposes to purchase this company for over $2 billion US.

From what I can understand about the literature that is available, 'Beats' really does nothing to secure the future of mankind and with carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere tipping over 400 ppm an Australian company called Geodynamics that developed world class technology to produce BASE load electricity with only a miniscule production of any carbon dioxide, or neuclear radiation, went broke becuase society was not prepared to pay $0.45 for a CO2 FREE kw/hr for their electricity, from that source.

Now I would have thought a company with that capability would have to be at least 100 times more important (and therefore valuable) than the company that sells you headphones to which you can stream live music.[*Geodynamic went broke in 2016]

So the future of our planet is in the hands of people who make a company like 'Beats' worth in excess of 2 billion US while a company like *Geodynamics failed to survive in a world where only a miniscule number of humans really are prepared to personally make that significant effort/contribution neccessary to try and stop the growth of athmospheric carbon dioxide, in producing the required energies of the 21st century.

Apparently we are not prepared to pay the $cost of producing our NOW electricity, without the global changing carbon, because the money we save now on using carbon based energy we can spend on buying flashy earphones to which we can stream the most fashionable music, for our instant gratification.

Don't forget, place your bets now, sit back and watch the game unfold.

So where to from here?

Well! - This may be the only web site that you have ever come across that-

  • Has no agenda,
  • Won't take you any where,
  • Won't ask you to do anything,
  • Isn't in anyway entertaining; and
  • Doesn't want to:
    • mine your money,
    • promote a cause,
    • push a creed, or
    • offer advice.

and I guess It's just like all of us - Here for a short while, and then it will be gone FOREVER.

Thanks for reading

Initial Post: 8 January 2011



6 August 2015: Original Science to conservative - New data (CSIRO) indicates effect Twice as bad as anticipated. Read More...

2 December 2015:Some of you reading this website may think that the odds have now shortened in relation to a negative outcome for humans, as a consequence of the Paris Climate Conference held in November 2015 - But- Guess what!.

8 December 2015:If you are neither optimists nor apathetic but just have a thirst for the science and the data I can recommend the web site Climate feed

16 December 2015:If you have a thirst for the latest politics/science of climate change I can recommend the web site Skeptical Science.

22 February 2016: Odds lenghten as 3000 scientists from 60 countries, react to cuts in funding for global climate change research and highlight its implications. For those of you still optimistic ..... read on

5 September 2016: Odds lenghten further as Australia stacks scientific committe so as to set emmission commitment lower than required by signed agreement reached at Paris Conference ..... read more

6 September 2018: Anyone who has studied complex systems knows that they comprise of many interrelated complexities and a simple consideration of one aspect of their operation will not deliver a considered understanding of the way the system functions.

The continued contribution to the rise in anthropogenic greenhouse gases within the atmosphere of this planet, is only one factor in climate change, since scientists first started expressing concern about anthropogenic greenhouse gases back in the 19th century.

We now know other complicating factors are rising as a consequence of that one single aspect.

Methane is now being released from permafrost as it thaws contributing a very potent greenhouse gas in its own right. See more if your fear levels can take it!

The continued existence, every spring, of the ozone thinning in the atmosphere above the Antarctic is also contributing elevated levels of radiated energy impacting on this major ice reserve.

These are all factors in climate change to which there is no pending apparent solution. Undoubtedly as time progresses many more interrelated factors within the planet's ecosystems will interact to produce hitherto other yet unknown complications

21 May 2019: "... the IPCC’s most pessimistic scenario, where the population booms, technology stagnates, and emissions keep rising, the atmosphere gets to a startling 2,000 ppm (CO2~) by about 2250."(Ref)


Issued 10 May 2022

Climate change continues to influence Australian and global climate. Australia's climate has warmed by around 1.47 °C for the 1910–2020 period.

Southern Australia has seen a reduction of 10–20% in cool season (April–October) rainfall in recent decades.

There has also been a trend towards a greater proportion of rainfall from high intensity short duration rainfall events, especially across northern Australia.[Ref]

Last Review 12 May February 2022

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