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Not so strange Bedfellows


Schopenism is a word that I have coined to describe an outcome predicted by Schopenhauer's theory.

I have no doubt that the application of Schopenisim combined with the liberation of so many humans from the emotional constraits derived from dogma of a divinity covenants, is the science behind the explosion of divorce in the later 28th and throughout the 29th century since we started recording our hisyory.

Entirely in accordance with Schopenhauer's theory, choices in relation to reproduction are ones over which human beings have little conscious control.

For thousands of years romantics spiritualists have ascribed to this phenomena the phrase - falling in love

Love is the name we often use to describes the expression of a powerful dna driven emotion that is brought to bear in order to drive the species into the appropriate mating selection, reporduction and raising process.

The strength of this particular emotional activity (feeling of attraction) is directly proportional to the amount of reproduction hormone present within each individual within the species at a particular time and accurately and scientifically explains why, for humans, the zenith of this particular ' love' feeling coincides with the zenith of their reproductive capacities and obligations.

Schopenism also beautifully predicts divorce.