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Politics & Business


No discussion about the stupidity of the human species could be undertaken without considering the two big dominating forces of our current social structure - politics and business. Both these huge powerful forces are dominated by the demands of mediocrity

Politics - the art of getting stupid people to do what you want, understands that even though not all of the 190 plus identified nations which make up the human species that occupy this planet are socially constructed along the basis of what we loosely call a democracy, all socialised humans have, as a component of their socialised structure, the facility of 'politics'.

It is easy to see that if the major component (74%) of humans have an IQ of below that required for rational thought and you aspire to have influence over that large group of humans then you must pitch your play at the appropriate level.

Politics is a marvellous phenomena because not only does mediocritism demand adherence to the principle but in the case of politics it actually draws its practitioners either from this very class or particular individuals who even enjoy or have a particular need or aptitude in dealing with this class of humans.

Business - the practice of socialized greed.
To qualify as a 'business' the activity is assessed by one criterion - the capacity to deliver an outcome called profit.

Unless the activity produces profit, sustained participation in the activity will not be continued.

If on the other hand, the activity does not produce a profit and the activity is continued or sustained, we never referred to that activity as a business. (i.e. religious and or charitable organisations) we call it something else.

To maximise profits, business must focus on providing services and products demanded by the customer.

The single most important mantra of business is eulogised by the phrase 'The Customer is King'. The thrust of successful businesses must be to deliver to the customer that which the customer demands.

No business will be successful in terms of profit if it focuses its products and service delivery on what is in the best interest of the customer as opposed to what the customer demands.

There are countless examples but the best is perhaps the newspaper industry for it demonstrates so wonderfully, proof of the theory that it must operate in an environment where mediocrity is the master. A popular mantra of the newspaper industry is the ‘Kiss’ acronym. Which I think as everybody knows stands for ‘Keep It Simple - Stupid'

This approach is used becuse intelligent opperators know that the maximum portion of human society will not have the necessary capacity to deal with complex issues and naturally enough will elect not to participate in a product or process which triggers feelings of frustration or reinforces feelings of inferiority.

A number of examples have occurred in history where particular newspapers deliberately adopted a policy of providing balance and served up material, useful in developing cognitive growth in its readership.

Not one has ever endured, let alone rose to the top of the pile.

Newspapers that print these stories, go broke - i.e. Today 104,128 people died. Two of those were Rodney 19 and Stephen 18, killed when Rodney's experience, to drive the powerful car, his unwise farther had just brought him, was inadequate for the task. .....See more like this

These newspapers are very profitable –i.e. Road toll climbs as family grieves for young sons tragically killed in horror car crash.

Given that the objective of business is to drive sales this will not be achieved unless a product caters for the widest possible market.

In this very concept, is the essential element, of all businesses.