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Attention- Ministerial Correspondence Unit

Dear Anonymous

I respond to your advice of 30 August 2018 on behalf of the Attorney General, informing me that in relation to my enquiry concerning the enforcing of A New Tax System Goods and Services Act 1999 with reference to its application to entities within the sovereign territory of other nation states throughout the planet, that “the matter…. does not fall for within the Attorney-General’s portfolio responsibilities”.

The matter may well not fall within the “portfolio responsibilities” of the Attorney General but according to Ray Ross QC President of the Law Council of Australia via his address to the International Bar Association conference in Buenos Aires in 2008 (copy attached) this matter most definitely, in his advice, sits squarely within the Australian Attorney General’s ‘generals responsibilities’ given the special nature of the issue I raised.

Australia has promulgated a law requiring compliance by entities located outside Australia and from a practical position of Administration of that law would requires a Commonwealth Department to compel, interrogate and if necessary seize material from and even attempt prosecution, of entities located outside Australia for the purposes of administrating/determining compliance with that Australian law.

What I am seeking from the Attorney General is an explanation of how this could legally occur and in the absence of how this can be supported by the application of ‘law’ then how it was possible that this law could have passed through Parliamentary Counsel?

I doubt if anyone would need any training in the matters of law to possess an understanding that a sovereign power has no legal authority to impose legal obligations on individuals or entities operating outside their sovereign jurisdiction. This principle is known and well understood, even by the United Nations.

What I am seeking from the Attorney General is an explanation as to how it is possible that this law was allowed to pass through Parliament.

My Regards


Warren Bolton

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Subject: FW: Enforcement of Commonwealth Legislation


Dear Sir


Last year I asked the question below. I was not accorded a response. It was the practice of the previous AG not to respond to ALL correspondence.


I ask that you consider my request and make a response.





Warren Bolton

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Subject: Enforcement of Commonwealth Legislation


Dear Sir


Can you please tell me the process by which the Commonwealth of Australia would take action, for a breach of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999’ by a non-resident business located in China (Say ; North Korea (Say; Russia (Say or Vietnam (Say


Thank you


Warren Bolton

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