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I'm Warren Bolton this site represents my accumulated knowledge and experience of just on 50 years of being involved with houses.

During that period I have been a building inspector, plumbing inspector, town planner, land developer, house builder, renovator, landscape gardner, real estate agent, financial adviser, owner and occupier, for matters related to houses.

This site represents the distillation of that experience presented hopefully, in a concise logical and easy to read format and addresses all of the issues one would encounter in relation to domestic housing. I am sure that for housing matters you will find no better site for it usefull, informative and productive investment of your time.

External sources linked to this site have been personally reviewed and appraised by me to be sources I would use.

Running a modern website is an expensive exercise. The costs of providing running and maintaining this website are met from the commissions I receive when members take advantage of commercial offers from our affilliates.

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